August 2, 2010

  • [Ghibli, Tokyo.]

    posted: August 2, 2010

    from….umm….2008…(yep! these photos were alllll taken two years ago..hahahahaha)

    本人執行懶人宗旨已經到了淋漓盡致的境界 (喔耶!)


    然後這些照片只是其中 day number one 的一小部份

    以我緩慢龜速算來, 大概世界末日前也沒辦法 update 完..

    而且雖然說 update 但其實已經像是回憶錄了吧哈哈哈哈哈


    隨緣吧! hahahahaha

    PS1: Tiff! I miss japan!!! let’s go again when I have money! AH!!

    PS2: 是太久沒打中文還是怎樣, 整個超卡. AHHH!!

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  • Great photos! I’d like to visit here someday.

  • That robot guy looks awesome!

  • Hi Anjo, you may not remember me. Its ok, I haven’t been on Xanga for a long time, since I was at Ryerson, preoccupied with my Interior Design program! Btw, I love your Japan photos, especially that cute home which looks like a cup! Amazing website you got there, keep up with your design passion! Looking forward to see your artwork!

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